Recruiters: The 6 Key Components To Posting Your Job To LinkedIn (Infographic)

I've seen a lot of generic or auto-generated LinkedIn status updates featuring job opportunities that my beloved agency recruiter friends are promoting. Which is great! Too, there is a huge opportunity to learn what elements make for an effective job posting on LinkedIn, so I created this infographic.  I hope you find this useful!


Additional tips when posting your status update:

  • Be mindful of the time of day. If your ideal candidate works full-time, post before or after normal work hours to increase the number of people who see your post.
  • If you're including a link to the job description, don't forget to shorten it first using and then upon pasting it into your status update, edit the title and subtext. It's another opportunity to sell the opportunity so customize it to your liking and keep it short.
  • If you are including a photo, search Google Images or Flickr to find one that's relevant to your job. Even better, take five extra minutes and create your own with Canva.

Comfy using LinkedIn and also active on Twitter? Here's a free checklist so you can become a master at tweeting.

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