RECAP: How To Brand Your Business Digitally (EVENT)

Recently, I gave a talk at the Enterprise Center at Salem State University in Salem, MA about my interpretation of and recommendations for successfully branding your business digitally. Here's a comprehensive recap with a short summary video at the end.

Digital branding is no longer an option for businesses.

Selling doesn't work like it used to. 75 percent of B2B buyers use social media in their decision-making process (source: LinkedIn report). Therefore, it is critical that you are consistently visible to your customer on the channels they use most to connect and share, and provide value. 

Digital branding requires you to position yourself and your business as a resource for your customer by taking advantage of its four main components: start with a rock star website, excel with content marketing (social media, web, email, video, etc.), properly structure your website's SEO/SEM and make sure it's mobile-friendly.

Define your goal and build a strategy around it.

I love your enthusiasm and that you're feeling inspired already (!) but the worst thing you can do jump in all willy-nilly without first defining your goal. Do you want to attract new customers, raise brand awareness, educate the market or something else?  Take some time to seriously think about it, write it down, then focus on building a strategy around it. Remember to exercise quality over quantity - don't stretch yourself too thin. Instead, focus on being active on the platforms where your audience hangs out. When it's time to execute, consider a post scheduling tool like Buffer or HootSuite

This is what "create relevant content" means.

Help relieve a pain point, educate, humor or entertain your customer with content marketing. Visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other forms of content (source: Buffer). For example, a PDF checklist (tool: HubSpot) of the five components to properly evaluate a web developer is a great way to add value, or an e-book (tool: Fiverr) with 10 comfort food recipes that will cure your winter blues. Other options: an infographic listing the top 7 reasons to use a recruiter (tool: Venngage); Facebook ad, blog, webinar, targeted email campaign, video or live broadcast (tool: Snapchat or Periscope), and graphics with text (tool: Canva or Pablo) (just to name a few). 

The missing component is you.

Regardless of your role at the company, you should invest just as much time, effort and resources into your personal brand as your company brand. Here's why: people like to do business with people. If you can effectively tell your story and communicate your value-add, you are much more likely to secure loyal and profitable partnerships with your customers or clients.

In summary...

Watch to learn my top two tips to succeed in branding your business digitally: