Social Selling Video Series

Hello, Hello!

I am so excited to share with you my recently launched video series about social selling on my brand-spankin' new YouTube Channel! On this Channel, I plan to share with you the founding philosophy, recommended approaches, best practices, and a TON of examples for how those of you in a sales capacity can better leverage social media and social selling tools to generate stronger business partnerships and secure higher-quality deals. (Sales reps who use social selling are 79% more likely to hit quota. ((Whoa...did your ears just perk up!? Mine did!)) )

The truth is, we'll never go back to doing sales the "traditional way." No, thanks to social media, we have more access to information about our customer than we ever have before. On the flip side, our brands (both personal and company) are forever in the spotlight. Adopting a social selling strategy not only allows you to collect customer insight and generate warmer conversations and more sales leads, but it gives you an opportunity to position yourself a trustworthy resource and a thought leader in front of your potential and existing customers.

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It's my mission to be your #1 resource when it comes to social selling. I love this stuff and I believe in it with every fiber of my being. Please watch my kick-off video which defines this buzz word and provides a sneak peak of companies successfully leveraging it as part of their sales process. Don't forget to click the Subscribe button on my YouTube Channel for alerts of when my next video goes live. Thanks for spending your valuable time with me! 

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