Exactly Which Social Media Channels You Should Be On For Your Biz

I get this question all the time. 

"Ashley, which social networks should I be active on for my business?"

Your in luck, my latest video answers this question specifically, depending on what business vertical you operate in. For example, if you are an attorney or an accountant, the social networking sites that you should ideally have an active presence on will differ from a small business owner who sells lip balm. You see, at the high level, certain social platforms tend to work better and have higher success rates for different audiences...to reach certain customers. I walk through a large range of business niches and my recommendations for which social media sites would be a good idea for you to explore.

However, at the end of the day (and if you don't take away anything else from this video!), your social media successes will depend on whether or not you go where your people are...hang out online where they hang out, and engage with them there.

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You've wasted your valuable time, efforts, resources (and even worse, money), if you invest in a weekly Periscope live broadcast when your fans would rather communicate with you on Facebook Live. Watch below what you need to know.

Bonus content in this video - learn how much time you should be spending on these social channels and what customers want from you online:

It would take me forever to go through every single industry! That said, if yours isn't mentioned, please comment with it below and I'll make sure to respond with my recommendations.