4 Easy Ways to Find & Post Good Content to Social Media in 5 Minutes or Less

You're sitting at your desk in the morning in front of your computer, coffee in hand, the chaos of the day hasn't yet begun. You've carved out a few extra minutes in your calendar because boss-man or boss-woman, business coach or consultant told you that you "should" be more active on social media. 

So here you are, wondering where in the hell...HOW in the hell, you're going to find a totally perfect, credible article to post with the most insightful, eloquent comment that will make your post "go viral." Sound familiar?

I witness this feeling a lot from my clients. It just feels like "one more thing" you have to do, right? Well, gone are the days that posting content to social media should feel like a burden. Here are 4 easy ways to find and post good quality content that will make your network pay attention. The best part? These will take less than five minutes to complete and you don't have to start from scratch.

1. Use what's already in front of you.

A lot of the time you don't have to come up with something from scratch. (Yes! Pause and take a sigh of relief.) The beauty (and catch 22) of our overstimulated, online world is that there is no shortage of content available to us...we don't have to go far to find it. 

When you login to LinkedIn, scroll through your home feed, recognize what's trending or articles your network has posted, and find one you like. LinkedIn's algorithm works to put relevant content in front of the right people so use it to your advantage! Once you've identified one, click the "Share" button underneath it.

Same with Twitter. Find a tweet you like, maybe click on the link to make sure it's legit, and then retweet it from your account.

2. Think about existing news outlets you already read.

Chances are you already have a shortlist of online or print publications you refer to for industry news. Do you e-mail subscribe to a blog or your city's online newspaper or visit CNN.com as part of your morning routine? Identify the online publications you frequent for news and market updates. Maybe you find what they're posting on their social profiles and share or re-post one yourself. (Read #3 to figure out how).

3. Use the Share button on the article you're reading.

This is my all-time favorite trick because it makes sharing the easiest (and simplest!). Most well-known publications like BusinessInsider, Cranes New York, CNN, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, among several others, have what's called a plugin or "API" that allows you to share the content you're reading right from the article itself.

It typically looks like a collection of social media icons and lives somewhere underneath the title, looking similar to this:


Click on the social media icon you want to share your article to, and a window will appear to customize your post. (See below for bonus tops on how to do that.) Then click "Share".

4. Use and bookmark these additional resources.

Remember, the best post you could share is relevant to your specific business niche and speaks directly to helping your customer. This list of online publications is more general but many have industry categories within them.

BusinessInsider, LinkedIn Pulse (tailored to you), Cranes New York, Alltop, Fast Company, Forbes, HBR, Kiplinger and the list goes on.

Subscribing to RSS feeds and blogs of your favorite companies are other ways to find and post high quality news and information.

Don't leave before grabbing these two bonus tips:

Always use the 80/20 rule.

80 percent of the time, I encourage you to share industry-related blogs and articles that are not self-serving. 20 percent of the time, post company-branded content like new hires, products or services updates, company press releases or PR hits.

Make your posts somewhat personal.

Sometimes posts can come off as too dry or stuffy...the content is excellent but it's delivery could be better. When you post an update on LinkedIn for example, write about why you liked what you read, or how it inspired you, gave you pause or made you downright angry. Showing a little emotion (without going crazy!) is a good thing and will improve your post's engagement and visibility. Here's a great example of what I mean:

When content marketing was all the rage, you could get away with simply posting a good article. Now, your audience wants to know why YOU found it meaningful.

What is your biggest challenge when posting content to social media?