HOw we will evolve your Sales Process with social selling

I know that your sales process is mostly likely different from your colleagues'. That's good! The foundation that social selling sits on is leading with who you are (your uniqueness, your expertise, your quirks) both as a person and as part of a mission-drive brand, in a genuine and helpful way to your next customer. 

We help you implement a social selling strategy as part of your existing sales process in a way that's easy, actionable, and dare I say it, fun.

  1. Through a free, initial consultation, we discuss your big-picture sales and revenue goals and define your / your team's launching point.
  2. Then, we customize a data-backed, strategic plan specific to your business and industry that will help you achieve your goal(s). The main components typically include:
  • Identifying your existing lead generation system and current metrics to measure success; documenting a list of KPIs we'll use to track activity and successes;
  • An action plan built around your goals, broken out by phases and weekly targets that include a series of social prospecting trainings, exercises, helpful tools and tasks;
  • A critical and robust evaluation plan with extensive reporting.

3. Once you've launched, we're with you every step of the way and aren't afraid to hold you accountable. There's nothing worse than being up a creek without a paddle. We will suggest and help you make necessary adjustments early on so you can hit the ground running and feel confident that you're seeing results. 

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Our PRocess to Develop your personal brand

Regardless if you are in career transition or want to leverage social to better succeed in your existing career,  it's a good idea to take a serious look at your personal brand, especially because others are already! Through an initial conversation, we will identify your goals and solidify the social channels best suited for you to reach and engage with your audience. Then, we'll actualize a creative and unique way to communicate your story and your professional strengths to your ideal audience.


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