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Employee Advocacy / Employees as Brand Ambassadors



Sales PRospect Research






Traditional selling methods don't work like they used to. Sales professionals have an incredible opportunity to better leverage social media and their personal brands if they are going to hit their targets and build their networks. I will provide you with the necessary tools, teach you how to capitalize on and become a pro at social selling for a more successful sales career. It starts with a number. Find out your LinkedIn SSI index number here, and I guarantee I will improve it by at least 15%...a surefire way (and one of many I will teach you) to building lasting and loyal business relationships.

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Successful employer branding has never been more critical for high employee retention rates, happy employees, and attracting top talent for your organization. In fact, an employee's voice remains more credible than that of a CEO. Be an employer of choice by hiring me to implement a program that teaches your employees how to leverage social media and their professional networks to promote your company's brand.


Account executives spend up to one third of their day collecting online prospect data. I'll give you that time back by conducting the legwork for you. Send me a list of your top lead accounts and I'll return to you detailed research about each one based on all info I collect about the decision maker(s) and about the company online. (Example) Leverage this intel for a warmer outreach message and a higher response rate. Total fee is based on your number of leads.



Let me mine for you the top online content sources (blogs, articles, forums, groups, etc.)  relevant to your industry and career goals so you can hang out where your next customer hangs out and be confident that your social media posts are timely and specific to your business vertical.



Looking for a professional to speak at your company or at an upcoming event or conference? Hoping to host a workshop or seminar about social selling, social media, digital marketing or personal branding best practices? I have a long-standing history of coaching others in group workshops and lectures with engaging marketing materials. Too, I'll tailor the event to your audience and particular niche.

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personal branding

For those interested in improving their online image.

Regardless of where you are in your career or with your business, people are looking you up on social channels. Will they be impressed with what they see? I'll identify which social networks you should be active on, and then make sure you have a solid presence on them, whether that be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, AngelList, Tumblr, or another. LinkedIn in particular evaluates your profile and activity on its platform using a scoring method called the social selling index. Access your number here. If it's below 55, I'll help you increase it by at least 20%.


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