Photography provided by Jared Chambers

Since 2009, Founder Ashley Ryall has been helping entrepreneurs and business owners identify and optimize the social channels that are right for their businesses to grow their online presence. Over the course of a few years, she realized the mass demand for a social media expert who understood and could navigate in and around the prominent social media platforms and their respective functionality changes. She wanted to be that trusted advisor and so she built UntapSocial.

Social media doesn't have to be a burden.

Work with UntapSocial - you'll start as a novice and end a pro.  

Our Mission

The foundation of UntapSocial rests on helping sales professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs improve their social footprint by adopting a social selling strategy to drive customer acquisition and retention. We achieve our mission by helping you position yourself and your business online and offline as a resource and industry thought leader in front of your ideal customer. 

Many see social media as a "necessary evil" when it comes to marketing their business. Our philosophy is that it can actually help you cut down on the un-fun "cold calling", produce a warmer lead and ultimately help you close more deals. When 90% of decision makers no longer answer a cold call, you have no choice but to get creative. With the social selling strategy we will help you implement, not only will you know more about your ideal customer, but you'll know exactly how to grab and keep their attention.

What it's like to work with US