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Founder's Message

In 2015, I quit my job because I didn't have the freedom to work from home. 

My cubical had been surrounded by people making calls all day - an environment that didn't allow this introverted marketer to be in creative flow. Plus my dream was to work from anywhere -  a bungalow in Costa Rica, from the comfort of my own home, and in a cabin in the woods. So I started UntapSocial, doing the same thing I had been doing for my employers - helping businesses with their online presence. 

Five years later, I’m happy to say that UntapSocial isn't even the same business anymore.  Why? Because social media isn’t the same. And frankly, neither am I. 

Working for myself, I’ve not only enjoyed the freedoms and trudged through the sacrifices, but I’ve seen so many people in my network come out of their salaried jobs and say, I want what you have.

And now, more people are leaving their jobs than ever. For the freedom to work how, when and where they work best. 


But the truth is, they shouldn’t have to leave their jobs to have that. 

Organizations have a real opportunity to understand how talent wants to work differently, and then take advantage of that in a way that’s meaningful and productive. But they need help to do it.

And those leaders who are helping organizations see the light are UntapSocial clients.

Those leaders are building what our new reality of Work looks like. They’re in the trenches, prototyping, challenging the status quo, pushing companies to think differently and making the hard decisions. 

They’re speaking up. And when they do, their audiences listen. When their audiences listen, change happens. 


That’s why we do what we do.  It’s our raison d’être. 

We all want to do meaningful work. To us, that means giving the mic and the stage to these leaders who are pioneering the new world of work. 

Their voices matter. 

…and that’s why thought leadership in this space matters.

When we speak up with authenticity, we have the ability to influence, and to create important dialogue about things that matter. 


UntapSocial Founder

Ashley Ryall

Founder + Principal

Ashley is the Founder & Principal of UntapSocial, a thought leadership consulting company that provides a “stage” to those who want to be seen and heard. 

A content junkie and an early social media adopter, Ashley spent the first 5 years of her career in corporate social media marketing roles, fine-tuning her craft at recruitment software and talent agency firms before launching UntapSocial in 2015.

New England born and raised, Ashley grew up in New Hampshire, earned her bachelor's degree in Sociology from Connecticut College, and then discovered her wanderlust spirit when she studied marketing and consumer behavior abroad in Australia. Since then, she's been traveling around the country as a national speaker and trainer, teaching companies about the importance of online branding and thought leadership.

A life-long learner, she’s passionate about personal and professional development for herself and for others, loves to push herself outside of her comfort zone and hopes to speak a second language one day while continuing to work while traveling the world.

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