Happy Clients Say...


Employee benefits broker

"...a true collaborator and advocate."

What I like about Ashley is that she's proactive. She's always coming up with ideas about how EBS can further our digital and social footprint, and she has helped us, collectively, think differently about how digital platforms can be reliable vehicles for achieving our business objectives. From a sales perspective, she's been a resource the sales team has leaned on extensively in the last two years to better understand our modern buyer and how they want to engage with our brand online. We've always approached lead generation strategies from a place of educating our audiences...but Ashley has taught us how the right content and social selling best practices can fuel that approach, yielding many, mutually-benefit partnerships with our growing client base.

She's been a true collaborator and advocate for EBS in the market, and we continue to see consistent results since hiring her two years ago - specifically with the frequency to which our brand is circulated through word of mouth and on social media.

- Paul Rooney, Managing Partner, EBS Employee Benefit Solutions

management consulting firm

"Any company would benefit from her services."

Ashley did a tremendous job educating Keystone’s team on advanced LinkedIn sales techniques. Her presentations are very engaging, informative and professional. I would highly recommend Ashley’s expertise and believe any company would benefit from her services.

- Elaine Varelas, Managing Partner, Keystone Partners



employee benefits administrator

"I track business that is a direct result of her help."

After only a 30 minute call with Ashley, she taught me how to gain credibility through my LinkedIn posts in ways that the right people would want to engage with me. I've not only seen a great uptick in my profile's visibility by executives I want to speak with but I'm having more engaging conversations with my specific target audience about possible business partnerships.

Ashley has altered my daily practice in the most positive of ways. I now track business that is a direct result of her help. I'm also learning that my online footprint extends farther than I thought, which has helped me target new prospects.

With Ashley's direction, you can identify how to post more meaningful content, reach your customers and ultimately grow your business. 

- Jeff Bastien, Regional Sales Director, TASC


mployee benefits broker

"She gets it."

Ashley has been instrumental in elevating my personal brand with LinkedIn and helping me be more effective selling through social media. She gets it, makes it easy and provides amazing, actionable ideas to help me get the attention of the buyer. She sat down with me on numerous occasions to tweak my sales outreach process and identify customers who can benefit from EBS’ services and resources. For any sales team or business looking to improve their social footprint, you need to work with Ashley.

- Joe Moran, Senior Partner + Business Development Manager, EBS Employee Benefit Solutions