You've won in talent when you think like a marketer.

There's never been a better time to be in talent acquisition, if you ask me.  The #1 challenge + the #1 opportunity our fellow People Strategy friends say is in finding + retaining the best people. 

Our reality is that candidates consult over 7 online sources + rely heavily on their network to decide whether or not to interview at your company or accept your job offer. 

Your employer brand is everything, but you already knew that. You just need someone to arm you with the right tools and to help you empower your employees to be brand advocates by instilling healthy, social habits. 

That's where I come in.



Acting Account Manager


You've got contracts with Glassdoor, Built In Boston, VentureFizz or other employer branding sites where you can promote your company's culture to attract talent, but you need to free up time to focus on recruitment or other priorities.  

I'll manage these content partnerships for you, so you don't have to. Treat me like an extension of your team so that I know everything there is to know about your company's culture. Then I generate content that helps you attract for the right culture fit. 

Investment begins at $2,630 / month



Just us Gals panel.png

For your upcoming staff meeting, panel, conference, workshop or corporate event, hire me to speak with your employees on the importance of employer branding + what easy social habits they can adopt to promote a corporate culture + a brand worth working for.  Recent Speaking Gigs →

Investment begins at $600 [plus travel]

Content Mining


Staying up to date with the latest talent trends, competitors + software can be exhausting. Are all those weekly email newsletters you'll read "tomorrow" piling up in your inbox? There isn't enough coffee [or rosé] in the world that'll catch you up in time.

Whether you want to better understand what candidates want, where your competitors are scouting talent or what's the next big thing in employer branding, I'll mine that data for you, and you can read "the skinny" and be up-to-date in just 5 minutes.

Inform your talent strategy with:

Social Listening Diagnostic ™|  Sample Weekly Digest → Investment begins at $2,040 / month

Competitor Content Analysis ™ | Sample Competitor Content Analysis → Investment begins at $2,400 / month for 7 competitors


Brand Ambassadors


Whether your dev team is huddling around a whiteboard 'after hours' working to solve a problem or you're having a baby shower in the break room for your colleague, you wish someone would take a picture. After all, these are the moments that candidates want to see more of. These are the moments they respond positively to. 

And you and I both know that connecting job seekers to happy employees is winning. 

Hire me to transform your employees into online brand ambassadors.

If we treat our employees as our number one priority, they’ll treat our customers as their number one priority.
— MassTLC EmployeeXP conference

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