To excel in marketing in 2018, we've got to construct platforms for our employees to share their VOICES. We can best support and enable our talent and sales teams through content and the stories THEY'LL tell. Our colleagues' thoughts and opinions are HOW we as marketers will succeed - with revenue, hiring and on social. It's our job to give them the channels, tools + best practices while empowering them to SPEAK their expertise. That's where I come in. 


Co-Branded ContentSync

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

This solution matches thought leaders at your organization with content partnerships.

Identify the top brands + influencers in your space who are producing cool content that engages readers so you can sync up with them, hop aboard and ride that train.

This opportunity may go beyond what your PR person does [but let's be honest, they should be doing this for you].

This solution helps you find webinars + podcasts that your company's subject matter experts should be featured on, blog topics, articles, e-books, infographics and research your brand would benefit from sponsoring or co-producing with other like-minded brands, and other opportunities to co-brand content.

IN BETA > Investment? Make me an offer I can't refuse.


Content Mining: Competitor Content Analysis

Photo by Curtis MacNewton on Unsplash

Photo by Curtis MacNewton on Unsplash

If you know how your competition is playing the content game, you can align your brand with similar opportunities.

This solution, delivered monthly, arms you with a running list of the upcoming and recent past events and webinars your competition hosts, sponsors + attends, podcasts, panels and press they've been featured in, cast studies, white paper and reports they've recently published, who their subject matter experts are and topics they're discussing...topics that you, too, should probably have an opinion on.

Investment begins at $400 / month / competitor

Sample Competitor Content Analysis →


Content Mining: Industry Trends

Photo by Gustavo Spindula on Unsplash

Photo by Gustavo Spindula on Unsplash

Staying up to date week-to-week with what's hot in your industry? Ain't nobody got time for that. The topics, brands, mergers and debates trending in the verticals you play in are as consistent as your work schedule. 

But what matters to industry influencers should matter to you and should ultimately inform your content strategy - what blogs to write, which press hits to contribute to and what ebooks, infographics and research to create.

People buy-in to those who educate, not 'sell.' Allow your brand and thought leaders to speak to current trends confidently and have opinions on what matters. Let me mine that data for you. Sample Weekly Digest →

Investment begins at $2,000 / month



Cox Media Group Ashley Ryall Workshop(1).jpg

For your upcoming SKO, conference, panel, workshop or corporate event, hire me to speak on the importance of and tactics behind social media for sales + marketing best practices,  personal [online] branding, social tools or a similar, agreed-upon topic. Recent Speaking Gigs →

Investment begins at $600 [plus travel]