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Q: What is the ROI from my investment?

A: an enhanced brand reputation and a successful speaker portfolio. ​


You will be seen as the industry influencer that you are because we have positioned you externally as a facilitator of important industry dialogue, with your customers and other experts. 

You will have increased your social media profile reach and visibility, with an online global following and at least 1,000 more followers.

Your social media activity will no longer fall in deaf ears; it'll be consistent and optimized, with more thoughtful and engaging content that draws a crowd.

You'll be free from having to "pay to play" to be a speaker.

You'll have a team working on your behalf, behind the scenes, proactively pitching you, drumming up and securing more opportunities to improve your brand exposure, while you're busy doing what you do best.

You'll be seen as the leader who made positive change happen within your organization by bringing in experts to move your business forward. 


We’ll transform your industry points-of-view into repurposable, tangible content that’s easily consumable, invokes a strong reaction from your audience and a compelling reason for them to connect with you and your company.


Q: What does a successful partnership look like?

A: one that's founded on collaboration and trust. 

We work asynchronously behind the scenes, but rely on bi-weekly meetings with you and/or members of your team to make sure we’re executing our plan on schedule, so that our agreed-upon deliverables are met on time, with the highest quality. 

We are constantly bouncing new ideas off each other about how we can grow your presence, get you in front of new audiences, and with content that resonates. You don’t pretend to know everything and neither do we. We’re true collaborators together, that’s how we’ll make the biggest impact. 

You trust us to do what we do best - that’s why you hire us. And we trust you to advocate for us internally, and connect us with internal experts who can help us get projects over the finish line, with ease and impact. 

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Q: how can I maximize my investment with UntapSocial?

A: by...

committing to prioritizing your thought leadership initiatives this year and put your money where your mouth is

believing in the power of education, knowledge sharing and authentic dialogue as methods of selling 

having strong opinions about what’s happening in your industry and evolve those points-of-view over time. Don't be afraid to talk about them publicly, in a professional and positive manner

being backed by a supportive marketing function that can work with us to maintain brand continuity

We work best with leaders who...

are go-getters, disruptors and innovators who challenge the status quo, take a stance and aren't afraid to ruffle some feathers if it means positive change

aren't afraid to try something new or think differently about their approach toward thought leadership, lead generation, and brand awareness

​sell the heck out of the lemonade, so long as we give them the lemonade stand, paper cups, and drink ingredients

when speak, people listen

share some of our company's core values:

  • scrappiness

  • proactivity

  • empathy

  • seize good opportunities

  • broker connections 

  • resourcefulness

  • "glass half full" and passionate about the future of work

  • self-starter

  • trends trackers, content junkies

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