Talent acquisition

Great! Before we connect, let's make sure we're a fit for each other.


Here's the thing. I'm really good at some things, but I'm not good at everything. And I don't want to be.

For example, in addition to being good at recruitment marketing, my friends say I'm good at dancing, air guitar + thoughtful gifts.

And I love that you're excited by all of this, but I want to make sure I'M a fit for YOU. 

We'll work best together if I can:

 // be accountable for what I say I'm going to deliver for you and hold YOU accountable for your deliverables;

//  be accepted into your company's culture + serve as an extension of your team + brand - it's the only way I can promote it authentically;

// allot the necessary time commitment required to complete this work, well;

// be communicative and transparent about my process, my approach, and if we're behind or ahead of schedule;

// create space to be creative;

// work based on concrete, finite deadlines.


In the same vein, I do my best work with those who:

// are in the business of elevating their candidate experience through education + content, not one-offs and transactional relationships;

// are looking for an expert who can help empower their employees to be brand advocates online

// are crystal clear about the type of candidate[s] they want to attract - they just need someone to provide a content strategy;

// already see the value in + importance of content and social as effective employer branding channels - they just need someone to provide simple formulas + a few nudges

// have the ear of their peers and colleagues + are entrusted by them to bring disruptive, innovative resources to elevate their employer brand;

// are professional but approachable, are as humble as they are confident in their voice + aren't afraid to inject their personality where appropriate;

// embrace new technologies through actions, not words, + are willing to change up traditional methods if it means achieving results;

// have the innate motivation to build the lemonade stand on their own if I give them the lemons, table, signage and a money jar;

// view me as an extension of their team + brand + allow me to be a part of their company culture.