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Edelman-LinkedIn's 2019 Thought Leadership Impact study found that 75% of decision-makers say thought leadership leads directly to signing on the dotted line. Ready to become a more prominent voice? Decide which solution works best for you.

Prominent Voices # 1

Weighing in with your expertise on the right, online conversations is a more valuable use of your time on social media than posting something just to post something. Elevate your executive presence by getting in front of the right audiences and having consistent, relevant and meaningful conversations with them in a way that’s productive toward your fiduciary responsibilities.

Results look like: more followers, more reach and visibility on social media, and an impressive LinkedIn Profile that not only works for you, but makes prospective stakeholders want to connect with you. 


Prominent Voices # 2

Includes everything in Prominent Voices #1 plus:

Showcase your expertise, educate your audiences, get in front of more potential customers and highlight your company’s vision, brand and solutions with relevant opportunities to speak.

UntapSocial acts as your agent. We do everything to get you to the "stage" by proactively pitching you to relevant brands and people who have powerful platforms for you to stand on and stand out. We secure guest spots for you on podcasts, webinars, events and as a guest blogger, plus we do all the heavy lifting after the fact - logistics, content creation, preparation and promotion.

Results look like: add to your speaker portfolio and elevate your company's thought leadership strategy by securing more speaking gigs for you (virtual or in-person). You barely have to lift a finger. 


Prominent Voices # 3

Includes everything in Prominent Voices #1 and #2 plus:

You’ll be introduced to hand-picked, industry influencers who you need to know and who need to know you, in order to form mutually-beneficial business partnerships and lasting collaboration.

Results look like: personally connecting you with other leaders in the space who have similar or tangential interests and networks from which you and your company will benefit.

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