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We believe

that thought leadership is one of the best growth strategies for business. And it does wonders for your personal brand,  when done right and with authenticity.


Let us make it a reality.  

UntapSocial gives a voice and a platform to leaders who are pioneering the new reality of Work.   

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Most LinkedIn members say CEOs/Founders

should post regularly on LinkedIn.

That means your audiences want to hear more from you. 

Ready to speak up, stand out & inform your audience?

We  lift you up digitally and figuratively!


We need you to speak up.

Social media provides a platform for anyone to have a VOICE, and when we have a voice, we have the power to INFLUENCE. If you want change to happen in the new world of Work, it's time you spoke up. 

our clients are


who represent R&D, entrepreneurial or innovative pockets within their organizations


who are responsible for how work gets done at their organizations


who take personal responsibility for what the new reality of work will look like, and bring fresh approaches and disruptive solutions to the market


who are forging a better, more intentional and inclusive narrative when it comes to the future of work through fresh perspectives and their ability to bring communities together


who, on "stage", are passionate about the opportunities when talent and work come together, and they

have something to say about it

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Our Happy Clients

"She’s connected me with top influencers around the globe."

Ashley has been an asset in helping me solidify thought leadership opportunities that position me in front of my core audiences as an industry innovator under the Kelly brand. She's connected me with top influencers around the globe who are responsible for disrupting the talent space, and she's given me the platforms and channels to generate dialogue about what's on the edge of the industry that no one is talking about yet. I find it especially impressive that she fully understands our market environment and is able to navigate the relevant community of thought leaders without having a decade-long track record in the industry.

- Tim Pröhm, VP, KellyX, Digital Transformation Group, Kelly

We are a community of modern, digital nomads who believe in the power of thought leadership through co-creation.

Collaboration partners

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